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Name:neely marie.

( I will be happier than a bird with a french fry. )

neely marie.
seventeen years old. brunette. not thin. five-foot-six.
chicago paris lucerne london rome florence.
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acrylics, american sign language, apples, assisi and francis of, au pair, brienz, charcoal, chicago, chocolate pearls, european cities, falafel in chicago, finches and swallows, flags, florence, foreign words, fred astaire, german, learning languages, luzern, mangoes, maps, multimedia collages, narrow city streets, novels, paintbrushes, paris, peach lace, pearls, playing the ukulele, plums, prague, printmaking, rain, ribbons, sketchbooks, sweet scents, switzerland, the covered bridge, ukulele, umbrellas, vintage maps, watercolors, white gold, writing
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