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neely marie info post

in any case, hello. :) you all know me but I figure, you may not know that much about me or you might not remember it. this is going to be me, this journal is, just me, nothing else (although that does span a very wide berth of topics), and if I'm not too boring, I hope you all will stay, because I enjoy and love you.

so, hi. I'm neely, although my real name is nicole. I'm saving neely as a name because it's an identity for me, it is my legal me, it's my chicago me, it's my real me. neely is a better person than nicole, and I don't even care that this makes me seem like I have dissociative personality disorder, because I know you all have some inkling of how I feel.

I live in north carolina, at the foot of the appalachian mountains. it's not quite 'applachia', as that's more west than I am, tennessee and virginia and west virginia, but that doesn't mean my part of the state doesn't have it's fair share of poor, redneck, hillbilly, whatever you want to call it. but I love this state, I love this state like an enemy becomes a friend; I am wary of it, and I don't willingly spend my time with it, but I imagine when I get to chicago that I will miss it like a phantom limb.

I have a very intense love of film. 1930's black and white, 1950's musicals, foreign films, name it and I probably love it. I've been looking for a box set of Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger's movies because Fred Astaire, as cliche as it is, is my favorite old film star. I adore him. I named my iPod Ann Miller (google it), and my laptop is Steve McQueen (Queenie for short). I love watching medical dramas (except Private Practice, oh god. no., and I love almost every show that Bravo has it name stamped on.

more to come later.

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